MEGGLE Excipients | Scientific Paper: 50 Shades of White – Lactose in Direct Compression

50 Shades of White – Lactose in Direct Compression

Looking at an excipient suppliers Lactose portfolio, the variety might be overwhelming. There are many different Lactose types, some are unmodified crystals of Lactose Monohydrate und differ mainly in particle size but others have been modified in their habitus by spray drying or wet granulation, still being mainly Lactose Monohydrate. But also several anhydrous Lactose grades are commercially available. This study is designed to give an easy overview of how powder, compaction and tablet properties change with different Lactose types and sizes.

For comparison, a sieved Lactose grade (CapsuLac® 60), a fine milled (GranuLac® 140), three agglomerated (Tablettose® 70/80/100), two spray dried (FlowLac® 90/100) and one anhydrous grade (DuraLac® H) have been chosen. All commercially available by MEGGLE Excipients.



Many thanks to the authors for this exciting publication.

Dr. Sabine Friedlhuber1, Katja Milkreiter1, Renate Ganslmeier1, Anna Kirchisner1, Ludwig Stuffer1, Ricarda Leister1,
1MeggleGmbH& Co. KG, BU Excipients, Wasserburg, Germany


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