NEW from MEGGLE: InhaLac® 300 a fine milled lactose grade!

NEW from MEGGLE: InhaLac® 300 – portfolio extension with a fine milled lactose grade!

MEGGLE´s extension of the InhaLac® product family – closing the gap between medium sized carrier lactose and fine milled grades for dry powder inhalation. 


InhaLac® 300 – a new inhalative lactose grade with specific particle size distribution is characterized by the typical flow- and surface-characteristics of fine milled lactose grades. This provides an additional tool for the formulator to tune and optimize the performance of the DPI product. InhaLac® 300 is a lactose grade with 90% of the particles below 35-50 µm (Sympatec) or 40-56 µm (Malvern).

InhaLac 300 closing the gap fine milled lactose for DPI applications


  • Highly controlled and homogenous powder characteristics
  • Highest microbial quality including low endotoxins
  • Retest after 24 months


InhaLac® 300 is a fine milled lactose suitable for use in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.

Additional Information:

Batch-to-batch consistency for all lactose products is due to MEGGLE’s technical expertise in lactose manufacture. Our stringent release criteria and constant process control ensure our products’ consistency and quality.

MEGGLE’s InhaLac® grades comply with the current harmonized USP-NF, Ph. Eur. and JP monographs. In order to meet the special requirements for pulmonary drug delivery, additional and in some cases even stricter specification limits are in place for all InhaLac® grades. These exceed even those currently required by the pharmacopoeias.

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    Milled Lactose for dry powder inahaltion!